Monday, 20 April 2009

about us

This website has been knocking around for many moons, but never really gets much further than a redesign, the content always takes a back seat. Let's see if anything is different this time.

The idea is a place to share things we like. Swansea and its friends have a lot to offer, so get involved.

We like music, bikes, skating, surfing (even some surfers are ok), drawing, taking photos of everything, internets, iphones, dogs and cats and animals, screen printing, ice cream, in fact we like loads of stuff that'll probably make an appearance on here eventually.

But as well as just reading about life on the internet, we try and enjoy it in real life too! So to quote those top chaps in the steal...' Form a band, make a fanzine, have a real conversation, the possibilities are endless'.

D.I.Y? because I gotta...

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