Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Do you ride a bike?

Bikes are hellish fun, fact! Big ones, little ones, heck even folding ones and bikes with gears are ok. Did you know that every last Friday of the month there is a sweet bike ride from Castle gardens to Mumbles at 7pm? No, that explains why you weren't there last time, don't make the same mistake this month!

The idea is everyone meets up at 7pm in Castle gardens, hipsters on fixies do 'stunts' whilst everyone waits for the gang to assemble then we all head off at a leisurely pace towards mumbles.

Some people wear lycra and helmets, some people ride sweet lowriders and shades and some people don't have any brakes and have to stop halfway for booze so it doesn't hurt as much if they fall over!

There's also a genuine 'message' and reason for the critical mass, and its worth a read here ---> CRITICAL MASS

Be there on the 29th, join the facebook group here, and have fun!

Check out the bike gang from the last ride...

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