Friday, 3 July 2009

Party on Wayne

On a whim we decided that Lemuria were so good that we would bust a move up to Kingston to catch the final date of their UK tour. To make the most of our time in the posh surroundings we headed out early with a view to popping in to Hampton court palace and basking in some Tudor splendour.
However, en route we had a text from The Arteries to let us know that they were playing a house show in Kingston that afternoon! Henry VIII would have to wait until after lunch!

We cheekily sent a text to the most dedicated and enthusiastic man in UK punk rock today, to see if we could tag along to his house show and we're welcomed with open arms! Stephen is so awesome he caught a train to Swansea to catch a matinee gig with snakessss and the sh*tty limits and did his 3rd year law degree essay on the train!

After meeting up and finding out that the mighty 'Bangers' were also playing (provided we avoided all being arrested) we had a call from the arteries to say they'd arrived. (We could have had an email but Jamie's new iphone still wasn't working, much to his dismay and his bandmates amusement).

Jenks and Miles were excited!


security was hella tight...


When I said 'house show' earlier it would probably have been more apt to call it 'fourth floor flat in a labyrinth of corridors'!We asked Stephen if he'd mentioned it to any of his neighbours, bearing in mind he was planning on blasting two punk bands in his front room on a sunday afternoon, but I don't think he'd even told his (luckily absent) flatmates let alone the rest of the block!

After a long drive I was feeling pretty lethargic, but luckily Stephen's accomodation had the world's smallest lift, which allowed me to lug the bass drum up approximately 8 flights of slippery stairs. Consider me sweaty by this point!
The view was pretty cool from the flat...
Once we'd lugged the backline upstairs, I left the boys to play real life tetris with the equipment, and wandered off to take a photo of Miles, Jamie and Kerry from the sky (prior to this I double checked to ensure there were no loose rice crispies about my person to avoid killing them!)
They were evidently grateful to be spared death by cereal.

Whilst the guys were balancing speakers and making sure Jenks' monitor mix was spot on Jamie got busy teaching Roo how to play Black Flag songs in the toilet and Pillai kicked off about the lack of a rider because 'he was starving'...

Thankfully by the time The Arteries hit the stage Steve had pulled his finger out and managed to appease Pillai's rage with a finely crafted pasty.


The Arteries and Bangers brought the rock and for the next 30 minutes the flat in Kingston became a posh, but even sweatier version of cbgb's as we danced and sang along to three cats, divergence, a cheeky bit of ACDC and the descendents, mixed up with a healthy dose of Bangers 'the hard way' and a sweet Weezer cover!

Miles even started an impromptu game of real life hungry hippos!


Having made it this far without the metropolitan police kicking the door down, the heat got too much for bangers so they decided to split up and reform Hit the Beach, prompting a mass 'shirts off, dudes on' fest...


Hot stuff I know.

I think the testosterone was too much for Steve and he couldn't restrain from hurling himself onto the sea of burly naked dudes!


Thanks for the invite Steve, most fun Sunday ever!

After hitting up a really old building, we dashed over to the fighting cocks, met a random northerner and sang along with Lemuria before they headed home.

Didn't think I'd ever see the day I'd witness a group 'Kazoo along'!


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