Tuesday, 22 December 2009

birthdays in bloomsbury

To celebrate/commiserate my birthday this year we decided to follow the arteries up to London and watch them three times in three days!
The Saturday took us to the Highbury garage, a venue sponsored by relentless, which was pretty dissappointing when it became clear that there was no free chemically maxed out beverages to be had :(
The venue was cavernous, cold and completely devoid of an audience when we arrived at 7:00, but Snuff made the admirable decision to shorten their set if necessary to delay the arteries hitting the stage before anyone arrived. So by the time Swansea's finest sauntered onstage there was the makings of a crowd assembling on the dancefloor, just in time to watch the boys absolutely kill it!
Listening to the arteries in a basement through a tiny PA in a pub backroom is awesome; listening to them through a PA that's taller than Jamie and worth more than my house is mindblowing...
However, there was a moment of panic when it appeared that Miles had become trapped in a cave, but it soon became apparent that it was an overenthusiastic soundguy who had clearly had a new reverb effect as an early christmas present!
Snuff played after the computers and I had a right old time of it dancing and singing along like it was 1998. Don't get me wrong though, as nostalgic as it was, Snuff were flipping awesome and they even managed to convert Trev 'king of the gruff punks' Cavell and won back the affections of Kerry 'I only like pretty bands' Pillai!
As if that wasn't enough fun for one birthday we stuck around on Sunday for Punk and Bowl III, which was held in one of the most incredible places I've ever been, the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes. Apparently there is a summer one too so don't miss it!
The Cold ones were mental, Bangers were a class act and the Arteries headlined. It appears that they have ascended from the league of bands who have people singing along to a point where during mutual friends the crowd broke into an impromptu clapalong to replace the cowbell! Rockstars or what?

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