Friday, 4 December 2009

Everything changes but you

Sigma has moved. Its great for the boys who run the place, moving up the food chain and all, and they've been super supportive of the local DIY movement (both music and by building everything in their clubs themselves!). Its important I think for people to make the effort and get over there and buy drinks and put some pennies in there and keep the momentum going.
That said I think it may be a stretch for the burgeoning punk/DIY 'scene' to regularly fill up a much bigger space so maybe we should have smaller gigs in halls/community centres and then go dance the night away in the new club?
So let's pour a little out on the kerb for the old sigma, and raise a glass to the new one!

There's been a ton of fun stuff happening but if you're reading this I guess you were there.

If you have a spare moment, go and listen to the new small brown bike songs over at noidearecords , I am gosh darned excited to say the least. Think I prefer hourglass?

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