Friday, 18 December 2009

Kidknap the Sandy Claws!

So I banned Carols from being played in work, call me scrooge but it was frickin' NOVEMBER! I since relented and have allowed the elves to listen to wahtever they want now we are well and truly into the throws of the season. However, I hate most Christmas music, so if you share my misery, I am making an effort to 'get festive', and this is hopefully going to help...

the reason for the season?

If you have spotify here is a festive mini mix I have picked from some of my favourite Christmas films, crank it up and shout humbug with your fists in the air!

Also, I wore novelty antlers to work, spreading Joy to all and an ex-employee with a deep appreciation for the 'reason for the season' told me that it was 'a bit tokenistic'. In a noble attempt at Christmas goodwill, I refrained from retorting that I thought that was the point of the whole shebang...

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