Thursday, 10 December 2009

some sort of set!

So I managed to pop down down to Mozart's last night (albeit briefly) and caught some sort of threat's set. I thoroughly enjoyed apart from the douche surfie dude gabbing away on his phone at the bar "blah blah dude, brah, yeah its an acoustic thing in this bar place like, dude"...Really? How about you go hang ten somewhere else homeboy? I think he thought all acoustic music sounds like Jack Johnson or something...sheesh. (nb. I don't have anything against surfers, just this plonker, surfing is great fun)

So if you didn't go, you missed out, and you didn't get a sweet swfu patch! Take a minute and go and listen to Rory (ssot) and don't miss him when he makes his abertawe christmas appearance at el UFO's house!
I then had to dash to catch my friend up in the wild west and missed Tom Bedford Falls' set and Jon Hidden Switch busting a cover of the Boss!

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