Monday, 22 February 2010

Cavell's commendation

I received an uber efficient email from Swansea's favourite adopted Northerner, which was too organised to tamper with. No Trev, no Swansea collective gigs in Swansea. You do the maths. Cheers Trev, here it is in its unadulterated OCD glory... Pow!

Band Name:
Miracle of 86

File Under:
Jets to Brazil, The Get Up Kids, Defiance Records, Kevin Devine, Jimmy Eat World, The Promise Ring, The Weakerthans.

Awkward 140 Character Description:
Devine fronted indie rock with clean guitars, driving drumbeats &
great melodies. Lemonheads meets Get Up Kids, from Staten Island, NY

Myspace / Album Download Link:
Every Famous Last Word (Defiance Records, 2000) Download -

Kevin Devine (Acoustic). There aren't really any MO86 videos anywhere...

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