Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Groundnuts rule!

So screen printing is something i've been doing for sometime now, myself and my brother rent a tiny room in the centre of town which somehow fit's our machine in! Anyway, having a space like that this, whether it be big or small gives us a space to be creative and have some fun. This is not always the case as screen prinitng can be the biggest pain in the ass, printing for other people is not always fun, you end up thinking of things you could be printing for yourself, which is far more satisfying, but, today was a good day!
A week or two ago our good friend Jason asked if we could print some t-shirts for his band 'The Groundnuts' and of course i said yes. Over the past few years i've had the pleasure of printing t-shirt's, hoods, patches, poster's, vinyl sleeve's, etc.. for my own band and friend's bands, but as of late it seems like I ain't done as much, so this was a real pleasure to print! nice one jase. and also cheers to pugs for hanging out and taking some photo's!

so here's some photos of the print process:-

first lay down the orange background

iphone arty photo! flash dry orange print for 5 seconds!

lay down the black detail -

now dry for 1 minute! and then receive finished product!

So yeah, I had fun, the photos don't do justice to how cool the shirts look so get in touch with the Groundnuts if you want one! I made myself a limited edition green print one and pugs has a one off Groundnuts book!

I'll try a post a bunch of other stuff that we've printed of the next few weeks!