Sunday, 28 February 2010


Just a quick post, I have had a pretty mental week in my nine to five :( and have neglected the internet, wow, it's probably a good thing when you can't spend all your time writing stuff that no-one will ever read.
However, this last week has also been super inspiring, productive and fun, in real life!

If you made it out to sigma on Friday you may have picked up a copy of a zine that a group of us made this week. It was pretty awesome to think that we started with a chat on saturday night and by friday we had it made, complete with screen printed cover and envelope! I'll probably write about this in more depth as I haven't got enough time this morning to really do justice to the awesome dudes who contributed their talents to this, but if you get a chance to read it you'll see for yourselves :)

The cover image above was done by Swansea's own Carly (stupidly talented) who managed to cram in illustrating more or less the whole zine and bake cookies and not fail uni! Check her blog now!

But hands down this would never have happened without our collective Dad Trevor Cavell. This dude has a pretty zany approach to life compared to most people in Swansea. Instead of talking about all the amazing things we'd love to do, Trev thinks its even better to actually freakin' DO all of them! So hats off to the Mr.T Experience Cavell, we all want to say thanks for making it happen and teaching me how to make soup (it's going on the expanding list with toast, toasties, cheese on toast and cereal - look out ramsay!).
Swansea collective has kicked Swansea up the rear end and you're all about to be treated to Chuck flipping Ragan in our fair town. That stuff doesn't happen without some serious hard work over the past few years so next time you see Trev, buy him a beer (not too many or he'll be grumpy for weeks but you might see him talking into his moblie shoe phone) and bring a friend to the next collective gig.

Cheers you daft northern softy

To everyone who has been awesome and sent in their 140 character recommendations THANK YOU! We now have a whole week of new bands to look forward to, all starting tomorrow with Ssssnakes' sexy Pugs!

Then it's back to back mania all week so there's plenty to keep you entertained when you are pretending to work at your desk or should be revising :)

Keep the recommendations coming, if you've already sent one, feel free to share your love for another band. Thanks again everyone, and if you haven't already, go and download the SAUNA YOUTH demo, you won't regret it...

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