Thursday, 4 March 2010

Gav's not divided on this band...

Street Smart Cyclist

If you've been to a punk gig in Swansea then you've seen Gav, chances are he was the one forking out for the band, or cooking them a vegan chilli, or was the drunk blonde dude that landed on your head.
He cares a lot about DIY music and Swansea, enough to put his (or his bank's) money where his mouth is. Check out his band dividers, they are playing tonight and are really great! And check out el Ufo to see how he's planning on bankrupting himeself this year ;)
Check out why he loves Street Smart Cyclist:


"4 those who love cap 'n jazz, lovely posi mathy emo from Bethlehem.broke up in 08, tough luck. Check out Hoods up, it'll make U warm inside!" (Gav doesn't use text talk but twitters auto shrink does to make it fit 140 )

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