Tuesday, 16 March 2010

stick it to the man, or on your wall

I have been screen printing stuff for a whole bunch of years (what with me being very old now) and always seem to end up printing stuff for other people and leaving my ideas slide or putting them off 'until next week/year/decade'.
However, in a strange, uncharacteristically motivated moment this week I rode my bike into town and laid down some killer ink...

Check it out:
They are inspired by my good friend Mr Tyron Francis, photographer extraordinaire and fixed gear machine. All I'm going to say is don't try and tell him what to do, he's master of his own destiny and stuff.

It's a limited run of only 25 prints, on sweet A3 240gsm paper steez, all hand printed in fair Swansea. If you would like one, or know someone who likes sticking it to the man (from the safety of their bedroom wall) then let me know. They're £10 and if you're a non local maybe like £1.50 or whatever it costs to snail mail them to you.

send me an e-mail for the payment info: ambitionispitiful [at] gmail.com

If you're still reading you must be bored in work/school so I'll waste a few more minutes of your time with the story of how they were made :)
1. Ride to Porthcawl on a fixed gear bicycle, ignore scary eastern European man with spanner because you're with Jason and T-pain, and take a cheeky picture of the least fun sign in the world.

2. Print the image on acetate and ride your sweet whip to town and gatecrash Amy's flat.

3. Burn your image onto a screen that you coated the night before, when you were stressing out about printing bags for the computers. Oh, and put some music on, it's quiet and uncomfortable listening to your thoughts. (Teenage cool kids to start. but only one speaker was working and they use a lot of stereo panning)

4. Line it all up on your ghetto vacuum press (thanks gigposters.com)

5. Mix up some sweet water based ink and extender base (oooh-errr missus)

6. Have a cup of tea, put small brown bike on in mono.

7. Lay down the first colour. That's color for all the americans reading this, it's essentially the same thing, only spelt correctly ;)

8. Wait for them to dry, chat to Rhys about the air drying time of water based textile ink, and the Do lectures. Rush upstairs and wash out said air drying ink from expensive screens, avoid financial heartache.

9. Second colour magic happens.

10. Catch up with Jamie and Amy, get excited about the sweet posters the arteries are about to screen, get jealous, consider sabotage, take the high road like Earl.

11. After leaving them dry, number them all and tell the world.

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carly_cupcake said...

love my print thank you owen :)