Thursday, 15 April 2010

something about 'doing' wet wipes?

The other week I had the chance to drive the awesome 'Dividers' to their first out of town big boy gig in Bristol. It was almost a non-starter as my van broke and I only managed to pick it up from Carmarthen on the friday we were due to leave!
Mechanical malfunctions aside, I rocked up to el-ufo's fancy new crib at the designated time to find a house in the midst of chaos, no-one quite sure who was going where and with what (it's as if adamwenthome had never gone to sleep...), so I popped out for a sneaky Falafel fix.

With a full belly, a diesel stop and pop for the trip we were set to take the rock to the westcountry.

Following a roadtrip that mostly involved setting the world to rights, giving up eating meat, organising a bass amp and a disconcertingly silent Scott we arrived in the depths of Stokes Croft, it's a weird mix of hipsters and hippies...great.

After loading in the gear and the usual awkward mumblings with unfamiliar faces we met the mighty Bangers and all seemed well in the world once more.

I won't give you a minute by minute breakdown of the evening, but to summise, the venue was cold, Dave Brent was there, more people from Swansea paid in than the cheapskate locals and the promoter drank himself stupid.

The bands were sweet though.

Warren from the Attika State (?) played first, all lovely and acoustic. He has biiiiggg lungs without being all busker-esque (I'm making up words now),  and plays his guitar very deftly. Seems like a lovely bloke too, and a dab hand at Jenga. I'll post a link if I find one.

Dividers were up next and it was awesome! Everyone shuffled in, backpacks and bangers sweaters were the dress code for the evening. The dudes looked terrified, until they unleashed the power of rock on the cider drinkers. In fact, it went so well that Gav was cracking a smile onstage, for real, a genuine toothy smile. I think that was a powerful moment and the happy vibe spread amongst us like the best kind of airborne virus .
But seriously, they were great, and I recorded the set as proof. Those loveable lads have also said I may be able to put it up for your downloading pleasure so stay tuned... In the meantime you can listen to one of the live tracks just below :)

Bangers absolutely killed it, even with a slightly worse for wear Hamish, although they did flake on playing a Nirvana cover after their brief stint as a tribute act the night before...
Rooftops were super enthusiastic, the drummer was like a ninja turtle on a massive caffeine kick, and big sweaty men sang along to all the apologies, I have none set.

I had fun, the promoter got so drunk his maths got a bit blurry but Dividers were wicked so get down to the young livers gig to sing along!

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