Thursday, 22 April 2010

The wind is still dead cold innit?

Hello the internet. If you are reading this and aren't skiving in work/uni then stop, and go outside and play because most of us can't :-(

Lot's of cool things have been occuring in sunny Swansea, what with bands playing songs, T-shirts being printed and Demo's recorded; plus a healthy dose of bike rides thrown in for good measure.

Go and check out Dividers new songs on their myspace, because they sold out of their demos last night, all 22 of them. Eat your heart out Mr. Music Industry... that's probably enough copies to hit the top 40 these days right?
But seriously, send them a message and nag them to get more made because they have a wicked cover design crafted by the illustration machine that is Carly Cupcake. Go say hello.

Fun gig last night, Ssssnakes played a new song 'Pina Colada' which was un-frickin'-believably good, I can't wait for their LP to 'drop'.(That's hipster talk for release).

Dividers go from strength to strength, with a really tight set and customary terrified/awkward faces. I love it when a band look like they're scred of the crowd and everyone watching is smiling and singing along, they need to support a metal band and get glassed off stage to loosen them up for the friendly gigs ;-)

Minty, Zach and Scott were snapping away like crazy, there's definitely no rush for sigma to invest in strobes when the papparazzi are in, so stay tuned for some sweet snaps from them over at 'thistimenextyear' right dudes?

Anyway, make hay while the sun shines, unless you don't happen to be a farmer, in which case just do fun stuff because by the time you've read this you'll be a little bit older and the sun will be a little lower in the sky.

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