Saturday, 8 May 2010

BRONX screenprint!

About two weeks ago I had an email off my friend Richey from the wonderful Shaped By Fate asking if I would be interested in screening some posters for THE BRONX show on May 2nd. I said I would be delighted to print them. Anyway's, Richey sent over the design, I cracked on with getting the printing done. here's some shots of the process!

step 1 - make the screen

step 2 - line the screens up to the accetate

step 3 - lay down the blue background and let dry, clean screen.

step 4 - lay down the red background and clean screen.Then eat kerry's sweets!

step 5 - screen the black line work and then dry(cheers kerry for speeding the process up with the hair dryer!)

finished product!!

All 30 posters sold at the show! thanks to Owen and Kerry for helping out, cheers to richey for asking me to do them, look forward to working with him again in the future, for go check out his blog, it rocks!

1 comment:

carly_cupcake said...

NO WAY!!! you made these?!!
me and corbz were eyeing them up at the show, they're amazing!