Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Thomas Street Tattoo

So if you haven't checked these guys mad inking skills out yet, you're a fool! Based in the lovely Welsh town of Llanelli, Thomas Street Tattoo is really raising the bar of tattooing down this end of country! Owned and run by Lee Hadfield , his black and grey work is just to die for! Then you have ASH who has a recently taken on the challenge of tattooing my skinny little arms, rocking some lovely traditional for me! The final resident artist is Neill Caughey from devon, this guy definately has a better beard than you can even think of having. Then you have Brad who is the apprentice/shop manager? and already far too good with a tattoo machine.
But more to the point, the guys asked me to screen print some shirts for them which i was more than happy to do!! I didn't manage to get any shots of the printing, I will when we do the next batch, but here is a photo of how the shirt came out!

I should be printing a different design for them in the few weeks when Lee finishes the design, so i'll get some shots of the print process for that one! and also keep you eye's peeled for the first AMBITIONISPITIFUL t-shirt designed by ASH(more info soon).
I screened some poster's for Richey from Shaped By Fate for theBronx show in Cardiff the other day, i'll put some shots up tomorrow of that!

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