Wednesday, 30 June 2010


So I've finally managed to find a bit of time to drop a blog about some of the exciting things that have been going on! Over the last few weeks things have been pretty busy, when I've not been locked in the practice room, some printing has been going down!
After the last bunch of shirts I did for Thomas Street Tattoo, they came back for some more! Lee Hadfield sent me over a lovely new design which i screened on black shirts, and a printing first for me, a large sheet of material to be hung ove the tattoo bed's at conventions, they came out looking sweet!
Next up Ash from Thomas Street also had some shirts printed, and the hardcore noise mongers that are 33 paid homage to Wu Tang with their new shirts! These two jobs are not finished yet as our faithful old screen carousel may have seen better days and needs a bit of TLC to get her working in good order again! Apologies to Ash and 33, once this problem is sorted, i'll get your stuff finished!!!!!
here's Ash's shirt!

and here's what you look like if you buy one!

The last thing i printed was a limited run of 12 posters for a new clothing company 'Dead Heroes Clothing' which is owned by Pete Staunch and Mike from some band you may have heard, The Lostprophets. (I could be wrong I just got told that he was part of it! anyway they came out very nicely!)
Printing has come to a stop for the time being as i'm currently in the studio recording our new album with the almighty Tim Hamil @ Sonic One studios! Tim is bloody awesome to work with, the sound he gets of his studio is incredible, if you're in a band and need to record this is your man! Check out the band's site as Jamie is keeping a day to day diary of our studio time. But in brief, we got the drums and bass recorded in about a day and a half! Jenks is starting to let rip on his axe of doom! So until Saturday i will probably be sat in the same place drinking plenty of coffee straight from a fresh pot!

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