Thursday, 17 June 2010

how are you?

It's not the update I really want to post but I am really stuck for time and there has been/going to be so much cool stuff happening out there in the world that I thought I'd share...

First up our good friend Carly Cupcake made a herculean update to her neglected blog, which is well worth a peek.

This was followed by some sterling new work from miss Lotty Sanna following her completion of some pretty brutal exams, and more illustrative goodness from her dashing boyfriend Jamie. Head over and have a peek at those busy bees and their work.

I've been flat out with the ol' 9-5, but Rhys has been locked away in the printroom crafting some great new shirts for Exist and some exciting collaborations they've been working on, Dub Club, 33, Thomas Street Tattoo and Ash and many more.In a few frantic and boiling evenings when I should have been out playing, I've found myself locked in an attic, trying to keep up with the footdown's bid for world domination printing the limited edition tee that went viral!

However, ambitionispitiful does have some really exciting announcements to make over the next week or so, so keep your ears peeled and your eyes to the ground for the plan.

Make sure that this friday you all head down to mumbles (remember that place?) for the Groundnuts & Independents' charity gig starring themselves, Ssssnakes AND the mighty Boneless ones! Definitely the gig of the summer.
P.S. I had a sneaky listen to the demos for the new arteries album, and it is hands down one of the best things I've ever heard, and they are still writing! You are all going to be aurally spoilt.

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