Saturday, 7 August 2010


Well nothing super exciting to report in on, seems to be less and less time to do any printing these days! I think I need to work less,now that's a joke! The fine chaps at Thomas Street Tattoo are working up at the TATTOO JAM in Doncaster along with Swansea's finest artist Kerry Evans, but they needed some more merchandise for all their die hard fans so I printed them 70 shirts. Me being the disorganised person that I am didn't manage to get a photo this time, but what I do have a photo of, is a limited run of prints that I screened for them. I personally think they look delightful, a nice gold print on black paper, classy! (this design is available on t-shirts!)

So at sometime in the next two weeks I'm going to do a run of black and gold prints made up of between 3 to 5 different designs, so they'll be up for sale on here and maybe in town, I'll let you know, you never know you may want to buy one!

In other Swansea news, the SWANSEA COLLECTIVE put on a show the other day here's my lovely bullet point review!

- I didn't really think they lived up to the hype they've been given, but still didn't offend my ears in anyway, I think I heard someone describe them as a poor man's Lemuria but I'll leave you to decide that for yourself!

BANGERS - You can't really fault them, awesome tunes, the best people and all the touring they've been doing recently has definately paid off as they are tighter than...(well it's just too rude to say on here!)

- The first time I saw these guys play I really enjoyed them, but in recent days that enjoyment has definately faded away, I can't say why because I don't know, it's just not for me, some people seemed to enjoy, lovely chaps though.

SSSSNAKES - They just get better and better, the new songs they gave us the pleasure of hearing in this set really makes me excited to hear their debut album that is coming out in December! PINA COLADA!

DIVIDERS - ....................................Really good, always good to see a new band come out of Swansea that aren't shit! someone told me they might even be a real band now, word on the street is they're on a world tour! Ha, if you're going to Punk N' Bowl in Bristol on August 15th be sure to check them out!

overall a good time!

SO tonight is the Swansea game of skate finals in Sigma, doors @ 8, £3 in, gonna be a blast, and next week on Friday 13th there's another badass show happening down in Mozarts-


here's the link to the facebook event for more info

so get on down and have a drink,'cos ringolevio rule!
until I have something else to bore you with that is all...

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