Friday, 21 January 2011

Well this is rather snazzy!

Ok it's been a long time mainly because my computer dies and I've only now found an app that will let me post from my phone! Anyway, been rather busy since the last post!
September- euro tour with bangers!
October- UK tour then US tour with static radio and fest 9
November- select shows in UK
December - moving house and print room!

Now I'm on tour again in eastern Europe with Astpai! It's minus 8 here in Russia! Tour has been great so far! Once I get back to the uk at the beginning of February we go straight out on a uk tour! Check out for all our wild tales on tour!
As far as printing, all our print stuff has moved from our tiny flat in town to a quiet, spacious location with a view of the sea, how lovely! Printed a few bits and bob's when I was home including some posters for the Cardiff Gallows show, shirts for state of art tattoo, and hoods/patches/posters for arteries (thanks Jamie for helping!)
The point I'm getting at is, as soon as I'm home from tour, printing will begin again, lots of lovely new clothes from ambitionispitiful and I'll be doing the new exist clothing stuff as well! Hopefully I'll get a chance to update this again on the road, until then! Party hard my friends!

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