Monday, 5 September 2011

We are all beasts

Static Radio NJ, one of my favourite bands ever, have a new album coming out.

This isn't some throwaway post, I really mean it. Not only do they have some of the most heartfelt songs you're likely to hear, they are genuine, awesome people (although I haven't met the drummer, he could be a total mentalist for all I know but I trust the other guys, and Charles likes Star Trek...)

So take a few minutes or come back at lunchtime or whenever and get acquainted with these fine fellows from across the pond.

Here is a new track from the forthcoming album...

Also, if you haven't heard it yet, here's a live version of handsome Mike's cover of the arteries  'Acoustic Associations'.

I've been lucky enough to spend a lot of time with them when they've toured with the arteries and I can't wait to see them in Florida in October, but there will be a huge gap this year, we'll miss you buddy x

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