Saturday, 15 October 2011

A few more days...

Brief update as there's not much time to use the Internet. After Hamilton we headed to London, just to let you know, it's nothing like the London, UK. Either way fun show with too much straight gin after the show. Some people went to an afterparty and a few went back to a flat, cheers for letting us stay Adam!
From there we headed back to Toronto for the Flatliners hometown show, awesome to see the hometown love for these guys! Ssssnakes then played the aftershow party with Chris from the flats, Ssssnakes ruled!
Got to Montreal last and played the underworld, shame the venue was 4 floors up, not quite an underworld! Frank and dolorian's sister let us crash at theirs, cheers, went for a dirty breakfast, now heading to Quebec city! Sweet. All this French malarkey is spinning me out!

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