Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Gin pants!

So, for the next 9 weeks I'm on tour, sweet! For the first 4 weeks we're out in Canada and the States with the Flatliners, then  we head straight out to Europe with the Slow death and Mikey Erg. All the dates are on thearteries.co.uk, check them out and them come to a show.

My other aim is to drop a few photos and a tale or two of how the tour is going on here, when ever I get Internet access. So here we go...

Sunday 9th October - drive to Shelley's in London, get snooched, sleep.

Monday 10th - wake up @ 4.30am, get to Gatwick, check in, drink and eat overpriced products in the airport. The band is on 2 separate flights, so me Jamie and pugs set off.

Got on the plane, fell asleep, woke up at food, bought a bottle of gin, start consuming said bottle of gin, spill whole glass of gin and tonic over crotch. Look like I pissed my self, great.
Land, customs, bar and wait for others. Get picked up by Chris and bobby t, see some sights, buy beer, drink some, get snooched, go for awesome food, food coma sets in, watch Wayne's world, power hour which leads to sleeping for ages, missing karaoke night! Gutted. First show tonight in Hamilton, can't wait!
Will be rambling on here lots so check it...

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