Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Toronto to Hamilton

After the disappointment of missing karaoke the night before, myself, Pugs and Jamie were up pretty early so went for a wander around little Italy in Toronto, super nice place, found a cool little cafe and got our breakfast on.
Headed back to Chris' place where everyone was still sleeping, quick porch jam using wooden spoons as drum sticks. The rest of day went a little something like this-
Go rent cymbals and buy strings and shit,
Get denied renting a van cause the bank fucked over Tim's credit card (pricks),
Split between van and car,
People in car see Michael Cera hanging out,
Van goes and picks up everyone else and trailer,
Drive to Hamilton,
Eat delicious burrito,
Play first show of this tour, good times,
Meet some crazy guy who has been a para-trooper and told Pugs about how he had to snap a girls neck(weird)
Watch flatliners play,
Eat falafel,
Head back to house, watch Wayne's world,
Blah blah blah

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