Wednesday, 9 November 2011

i just smiled and thought about how life goes by so fast

I'm home, back to the daily grind and feeling sorry for myself....

Florida was a blast, great bands, great friends, great weather...heck I'm jealous of myself!
It was really fun to catch up with a bunch of you 3000 miles away from home. I'll upload a heap of holiday snaps to bore you with asap.

The Arteries and Static Radio NJ were absolutely incredible, 2 of the best gigs I have ever been too, guys, give yourselves a big pat on the backs.

Other highlights included None more black, Kid Dynamite!!!!! Banquets, No Friends, Tv Casualty, HWM, Against Me!(I know, who'd'vethunkit!), Swimming and kayaking with Alligators, Bangers (from outside the sold out venue), The Flatliners killing it in Orlando and Tampa, Big Eyes, travelling with my best friends (even if they were 4 screechy girls) Horsebites/Poodychoo and the amazing Frankie for being the best hosts ever!...the list goes on and I will definitely try and make a more coherent post soon. I feel super lucky to be able to travel and experience stuff like this which makes going back to work and saving again more bearable. Equally I am in awe of how talented some of the people I know are, mad skills yo. It's amazing to see your friends kick ass around the world and watch people react and crowdsurf and stagedive and singalong...

Anyway, enough for now, hope you guys made it, or have something fun planned.

As the mighty ssssnakes say 'Stay in School' and stuff x

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