Friday, 11 November 2011


Hey, so it's a once in a lifetime (unless Jenks and Miles hurry up and crack that whole time-travelling thing) date today.

To celebrate/mark this meaningless yet fun milestone we are going to sully it with capitalism!
From 11:11am until 11:11pm today you can buy a t-shirt for just £11.11
head over to the shop (after you've taken your picture for the 11.11.11 project of course) and pick up a shirt to look snazzy, or as an early Christmas gift for that special person in your life.
You just need to enter the code 'PALINDROMATIC' and it will discount £8.89 from your shirt...

If you could spread the word that would be lovely, we've got 100 twitter followers now and it'd be cool to have 100 likes on facebook I guess, because that stuff is important right?

thanks dudes,

peace out x

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