Thursday, 29 December 2011


Tattoos...We have a growing collection, (rebellious huh?)Rhys especially. The man responsible for Rhys's sleeve is so sick of seeing him that he's fled to Scotland for some respite.
Having spent last year on the road Ash has found a new home at Custom inc. in sunny Glasgow. It may be a 380+ mile journey but it's worth it if you want a distinctive, unique tattoo ( or some sweet tribal, I'm sure he'll sort you out).

Ash is bloody brilliant.
He doesn't need superfluous babble to describe him, his work speaks for itself. He's like the silent bob of the tattoo world, but more svelte. He doesn't jabber on incessantly, but when he does chat, its well worth a listen. 

I think he's due to return back to the motherland soon for a short stay but don't snooze on booking a slot with him, or we'll take 'em all!

(these images are borrowed from the interweb, hope that's ok?)

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