Sunday, 1 January 2012

What we done did

We had a chilly start to the year which gave rise to some epic sledding action around town, highlights include Kerry catching serious airtime in Singleton park and seeing Spinksy practically revert to his seven year old self with excitement when we saw the forecast...
Our pal Mark Pavey helped us set the wheels in motion by designing our 'Forget it' shirt before beset off on an adventure across the states! Check it out here, and snap up a shirt here!
Pugssss got all dressed up but got stood up by the descendents...
The Arteries hit the road with their SF cousins Dead to me (I really hope you didn't miss those gigs...) and we were treated to a Swansea date with Pacer in tow.

The Groundnuts & Independents continued to be a constant source of inspiration. Dear bands, please take note:
Start a band with your friends, play music you like, have fun. 
Job done. 
Stick with the 'nuts winning formula and you will hold a very special place in a lot of people's hearts and can continue to rock out indefinitely!
Speaking of the Groundnuts & Independents, Jason is a big fan of The Nightbirds, who tore up the boards in Mozarts!

Back to Swansea's premium exports, them Arteries packed up and shipped out across the pond for a 5 week jaunt with the mighty Flatliners! I caught up with them in Orlando and nipped over to Tampa for Pre-fest to warm up for Fest10!
Chris Creswell was the design muscle behind our Fangs shirt, as well as providing the dulcet tones that breaks a hundred hearts in every city the Flats roll through...

Chicken, Kenny, Ian and Sam opened up Fest 10 and nearly ended up squished under 200 sweaty extended family members from around the world!
Swansea showed Gainesville how it's done, and Static Radio NJ brought the 1982 to tears with one song xxx

So, 2012. We'll see.

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