Wednesday, 14 March 2012

White ducks above some pyromaniac kids

New shirts and a comprehensive plan to actually do something tangible to follow from Ambitionispitiful, in the meantime here is some stuff.

Just a few things that have caught my eye/ear/filled my lunch hour with joy whilst the 7.24 hours grind by...

White Duck Screen Print:

Whenever people ask us about screen printing something for them, if its swanky/technical our default response is 'Get White Duck to do it'.
Josh and Rebecca are awesome dudes and literally own the carft of screenprinting over here. They've just shared a short, beautifully shot video that gives a glimpse into what goes on over in Bath, think of it like a tour of the Hogwarts of screen printing...

Above Them have released their new album, it's alright I guess, you can listen to it here...

Only kidding, it's bloody lovely on the ol' Britney spears and you should definitely grab a copy, available from handsome Andrew here.

Speaking of releases and whatnot, Swansea's football sensations TKIF have a new EP available for your perusal, which you can find here
I read a great review of it but the guy ruined his credibility when he referred to these boys as 'mature'.

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