Monday, 9 April 2012

Where are we?

Some of you may have found us from our good friend Tyrone over at our favourite Internet hangout TheFootDown after checking out the sweet new shirts he has on offer.
We had a fun couple of evenings blasting through the designs to make sure Bespoked was fully represented by South Wales' finest...
Our blog doesn't really say a lot about what we do/who we are though...
We are working on a full rebuild but if that is anything like our normal schedule I wouldn't hold your breath!
Tyrone gave a pretty apt roundup of us in his post, but it gave me a well timed prompt to get to work and I thought I'd give a brief insight into Ambitionispitiful here.
We are 2 brothers from sunny Swansea who have been screenprinting for the last 9 years or so (wow, that is waaay longer than I thought). Our primary focus is to be creative and to continue building our collections of sweet shirts, keep flying the flag for DIY through organising gigs/events and also help out our friends with printing needs.
We've been really lucky over the years to work with some awesome people including (but not limited to) the arteries, Exist clothing, TheFootDown, TenThousandYen, Richey Beckett, Ash, Thomas Street Tattoo, Caves, Dividers, The computers, SWFU, Gallows, Dead to me and a whole heap of awesome UK and beyond bands.
We aren't a commercial print company, we never will be, there are some awesome ones already kicking ass at that. But we love getting involved and helping out interesting projects/organisations/whatever when we can.
But our main push is our own work.
We have a few tees available over in our shop, a few great new designs coming out this month and the launch of our first real collection later this year.
So thank you for checking in, and keep one ear open for us this year, while we try and strike a better balance between our 9-5's and our other love, ambitionispitiful.

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