Tuesday, 2 October 2012



It's a marmite thing. I love it. Pro photographers hate it.
But its the most engaging social media schizz I've found. Apart from oversaturated photos of your meals, that not so much.


there are some real gems that we follow so I thought why not share the wealth?

Here are a few choice cuts that keep me hooked refreshing the feed...


Richey has evidently paid tiny people to dress up as cats and act like humans in his strange workshop/flat/stage, oh, and he does draw stuff too...


Gavin Strange is arguably the most productive human on the planet. Seriously, it's exhausting just following him. Keep up to date with his vast array of projects including creating beautiful HD documentaries (Boikzmoind), learning the drums, making toys, and freakin' working at Aardman!

For all your riding needs.
Don't expect filters.
Do expect opinions.
Do expect hilarity/quality control/skills/potential impregnation


oh, and us of course... @ambitionispitiful

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