Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Huck yeah!

One of our bestest friends is deputy editor (bigshot) over at the church of london. Before you get freaked out, it's nothing to do with religion or trampling on other people's rights and judgement/hellfire etc. They just have a weird name.

Anyway, one of their fine creations is HUCK magazine. Here is how they describe themselves:

'HUCK documents global youth culture through the influential lens of surf, skate and snowboarding. Inspired by the radical heritage of boardsports, it combines quality journalism with stunning documentary photography to report on social movements, emerging scenes and new thoughts and ideas that are having an impact on the world.'

We just think its awesome, and manages to combine great storytelling, beautiful films/photos and tackle thought provoking issues. They also manage to avoid the normal cliches and sexist shit that is entwined into most 'alternative' publications.

There is an abundance of great articles and links and photos and films and stuff and....well, you get the point right? They are even stupi generous enough to upload all their archived issues for your enjoyment!

Today's highlights on the blog include a great video from vans looking at DIY skate spots:


(photo pinched from shelley's instagram @shelleybones)

and a kickass event that they are holding in their multi purpose exhibition space/batcave 71a Leonard Street.

In their own words:

"An exhibition that cuts to the core of skateboarding life. Featuring photography by female skateboarders from around the world, it's a snapshot of life on the road, by girls who live it."

You can get tickets here if you live in London or fancy a roadtrip.

So check them out, get a subscription and let them know what you think on 



Instagram - @huckmagazine

they genuinely give a hoot x

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