Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I don't wanna hear it

It's nearly the death of 2012 and possibly the end of the world so before either happens we were hoping to get your thoughts on the best music you've discovered in this, our last year on earth...

I haven't bought any new music in 2012, but I did get to see Lightyear play so I'm not bothered. 

So, in the spirit of the internet, send us a recommendation for one album/band/EP that came out this year and we'll all share together like friends.

We don't want a list, or your top 10, this isn't follow friday, just send us an email/tweet/facebookmessage with your choice, and why you think we should all check it out, or why it got your attention.

You can tweet it here, or use the hashtag #AIP12

email us at ambitionispitiful <at>

or find us on Facebook

Peace out y'all,


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